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When his wife's waters broke, Jerome Clarkson had just placed a Frank Sinatra record on the living room turntable. By the time the last song had finished playing, his youngest son was already in her arms. The only child to be born in the family's Cape Cod lake house, Kelly grew up with a love of their waterfront summer home and the long, happy days he spent there. Four years younger than his brother, he grew close to his sister, who took advantage of his fondness for pleasing others and would often dress him in their mother's clothes for her own amusement.

At school, he was a model student, but his shyness precluded him from the social circles that his brother had navigated before him. Ellis Clarkson was a star footballer with a room full of trophies. He was also handsome and tall with a long list of conquests that sometimes turned into bickering girlfriends that would corner Kelly in the hallways just to have him pass angry messages on to his brother. Every encounter left Kelly traumatised and he shied away from interaction with the opposite sex. When he was 14, his namesake won an international reality show and all Kelly wished for was to be invisible.

The year was 2005, George W. Bush was president and Kelly was the new kid at school; a scrawny, knobbly-kneed teen on the cusp of puberty who wore glasses and knew how to speak Klingon. He had a hard time making friends. Despite it, there was a young girl who showed him some interest and the pair became inseparable. When summer came, she went away to stay with family and Kelly spent his holiday at the lake house learning ventriloquism, throwing his voice to teach the family dog new tricks. That same summer, he discovered a knack for running -- after he was chased 10 miles down a dirt road by his brother and his friends in a truck -- and when school started again, he tried out and made the varsity cross-country team.

By his senior year, he had shot to his full height, was Student Body President, had impeccable grades and had earned himself respect as an athlete, tempering the ridicule he received for his involvement in the drama club. The young girl became his girlfriend and the two cut a striking figure at the senior prom that year. But Kelly was still reserved, still anxious and very much aware of the legacy he was expected to continue. The family name came with certain expectations and though his father had shied away from a political career, establishing himself as a successful businessman, Kelly's grandfather was adamant that he follow him into politics.

Two weeks into his Political Science program at Boston University, Kelly had his first panic attack. Each of his teachers knew his grandfather. Each would take him aside at the end of every lesson and ask him to pass on well wishes and invitations to play golf. Each day, he would be called upon to answer questions in front of his classmates and the thought of it would bring him so much dread that he feared to get out of bed every morning. By the end of the month, he'd lost 15lbs and could barely stomach a meal. It was only after his sister visited him at his dorm that the family realised something was amiss. At the insistence of his parents Kelly left BU and found himself back in San Francisco.

Lara has been 18 when she received the first diagnosis. They were having dinner in the city and he was fumbling with a jewellery box in his coat pocket when she suddenly went white and fainted in her chair. Ovarian cancer. Chemotherapy followed. Radiotherapy. And three invasive operations to remove malignant cells. Kelly was by her side throughout it. Lara was in remission for two years before it returned with a vengeance. He asked her to marry him, but she refused. She told him she didn't want to take him with her. When she passed in 2018, his world darkened. The same year, Kelly was promoted to Marketing Director at his father's company, but he felt hollow.

On the West Coast, Kelly did not feel shackled by the family name. It was a new city and a new world where he could go unnoticed. He missed the lake house and the comfort that home afforded but was glad to have the opportunity to make a name for himself. Although his family was well off, Kelly did not want to live off his trust fund for the rest of his life. Luckily, in college, he'd made friends with a young man and when Lara passed away, the two began a business venture that he actually enjoyed.

It has been two years. Kelly lives a humdrum life, busies himself with his work, with his family and his friends. Blissfully unaware that his life is about to change once more.

⤑ name kelly clarkson ⤑ comicverse clark kent / superman ⤑ date of birth june 24, 1988 ⤑ birthplace cape cod, massachusetts ⤑ current residence san francisco ⤑ occupation cfo of tbd! ⤑ relationship status alexa, play alone by heart ⤑ pets tbd!
Superman is the most powerful being on planet Earth, an alien immigrant named Kal-El from the planet Krypton who was raised in Smallville, Kansas, to become an American superhero. Raised with high moral ideals, he uses his incredible strength, speed, flight and various other superpowers to fight evil and protect the innocent. In his civilian identity he is Clark Kent, a mild-mannered reporter working for the Daily Planet in Metropolis. He is a founding member of the Justice League of America and a charter member of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 30th Century. (source)

abilities investigation
eidetic memory
expert combatant
genius level intellect

items legion flight ring
time bubble
archer rifle
superman uniform

incentives kryptonian physiology
     superhuman strength
     superhuman stamina
     superhuman speed
     superhuman hearing
     super smell
     super breath
     heat vision
     self sustenance
super vision
     electromagnetic spectrum vision
     telescopic vision
     microscopic vision
     x-ray vision
     thermal vision
energy matrix
     energy form
     lightning bolt travel
     density shifting
     electromagnetic spectrum manipulation
     electromagnetic spectrum sight
     electricity absorption
     electrical blasts
     solid field
     electronic teleportation
indomitable will
     torquasm vo
     torquasm rao
healing factor

memories memories of superman
memories of krypton

comic parallels
initials in reverse
kelly cannot perceive the colour green
"found" by his father in a manger

education san francisco university






Point of Canon
Superman is pulled from New Earth.